Q&A: Chef Berkeley Braden

Chef Berkeley Braden, a self-employed chef and caterer in Portland, Oregon since 2001 was one of our first customers at Gilded Greens. His menus inspired by the Pacific Northwest can be found in corporate catering, restaurant consultation, and culinary services for private events large and small.
What is one of the first things you remember cooking?
Ice cream casserole, and grilled London broil steak when I was 12 years old or so.
Tell us about one dish you made recently that you are super excited about.
Fortunately I get to cook and play with new dishes non stop since I’m always doing new menus for events.  One dish that I’ve done recently that I and clients have really liked is charred grapes with green curry mayo, shiso micros, shallots and peanuts.  I’ve played around quite a bit with this in about 4-5 iterations over the last month or so.
What’s one food trend right now you could do without?
Having too much of a story behind your food. I don’t care about your grandmother or whatever convoluted BS you came up with to make your food sound like more than what it is.  Just cook tasty food give me a sentence or two about what it is and call it good!
If you were stuck eating one cut of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
It sounds a little played out, but I’d have to say pork belly.  It’s very versatile and I love fat. It has my preferred mix of 50/50 fat and meat.

Gilded Greens Microgreens at Wildcard PDX Dinner

We’re stoked that Wildcard PDX chose Gilded Greens microgreens for its last dinner at Grand Army Tavern (in the NE Woodlawn neighborhood). Wildcard PDX was created by Isaac Ocejo and “specializes in private dining experiences and events that bring the feeling of community back to food,” with pop-up dinners at local Portland restaurants. Dinners are typically $90 for a 9-course menu with an optional $30 wine pairing with cocktails.

Look for the next Wildcard PDX dinner on January 29th at Grand Army Tavern, where the food and the wallpaper are both beyond Instagrammable. If you need convincing check out these photos by Rabbit Hole Photo.