Q&A: Shannon Feltus of Urban Farm Foods

We asked Shannon Feltus of Urban Farm Foods a few questions about cooking, and pop-up dinners. We met Shannon after she contacted us for microgreen product, and we’ve loved working with her ever since. Shannon is a private chef with a farm-to-table minded approach. Purchase tickets to her next dinner, Whole30 Menu Sampler on April 15th through Feastly.

What is one of the first things you remember cooking?
I remember making scrambled eggs and coffee for my Dad at a super young age and feeling really important. In hindsight it was very smart training.

What is your favorite aspect of pop-up dinners?
My favorite aspect of a pop-up dinner is getting the opportunity to showcase my creativity in each meal without having the uncertainty of a brick and mortar in this starting phase of my food journey.

Tell us about one dish you made recently that you are super excited about.
I get really stoked on vegetables. I’m not vegetarian but I’m obsessed with the good things found naturally in veggies so I get excited about how nourishing a colorful plate of grown food can be. It’s very nerdy but my mesquite pickles are my favorite because of the food science it takes to create them.

If you were stuck eating only one vegetable the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hands down it’s tomatoes but only if they are the real deal. Summer sunshine grown goodness in all the varieties. Nothing beats it. Versatile to the max.

Want Portland microgreens for your next pop-up dinner? Contact us today to find out what varieties we have available. 

Photo for Feastly by Aubrie LeGault via Urban Farm Foods Facebook

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